3 Steps To An Unstoppable Mindset

In this article, I like to share with you how I created a mindset for myself to keep myself in shape. I want you to know that I have been struggling to maintain my weight for many years. I think that this is a very normal thing because we all got to learn how our body works, what really is healthy for us, what works and what doesn’t and so on, so yeah, this might take years and years.
I share with you my personal struggles because I know a lot of people who can relate to that. At the end of my own story, I share what I did to eventually win!

– You can’t beat the person that refuses to give up –

1. Refuse to give up.
You won’t give up, otherwise, you were not here reading this right now. You are looking for answers, so that’s just an amazing thing. Starting a ‘new life’: eating healthy, exercising, losing weight, gaining muscle etc. is not that easy, because we have to learn new things and there is also so much information out there, that we get confused many times. A lot of companies just want to make money and don’t have their best interest for us. That’s also confusing, so we have to try many things before we get to the ‘real deal’…
I always felt like: ‘if I give up on my body, I give up on life’. Maybe you feel the same way too? Our body is our best friend! And really, once you made it your own, you will embrace it so much. It’s so wonderful to be fit. Nothing beats a fit body; just always keep that one in mind!

2. Keep calm.
When I was having a lot more fat on my body, it was easy for me to hate myself. I felt like I looked disgusting. I know many women and men out there feel the same and this is so destructive for our mental health.
In life one the most important things we have to do to come to success is looking for the positive things. When you are, for example, training in front of a mirror and you don’t like the way you look at this moment, then focus on how great it actually is that you are investing in yourself. Keep calm, you are learning and bettering yourself; most people don’t do that at all!
Just say I don’t give up, so success HAS to follow; there is no other outcome possible.

3. Create a routine.
Routines become habits and habits are known for being addictive. This works for negative habits, as for positive ones, so take it to your advantage! Create beautiful, serving routines and before you know, you are exactly there where you want to be.
When it comes to mind-set; routines ensure that we have more peace of mind. You have done it now for so many times, so you don’t have to think about it anymore.