5 Steps to stop overthinking!

How to stop overthinking!!

Overthinking is a common problem when it comes to people trying to accomplish anything they dream of! Obviously, overthinking does a lot, but it is not beneficial for sure!

Why is overthinking a big problem?
Did you know that overthinking is something you can be addicted to? Overthinking is then being used as an escape from reality. No worries; everybody has this problem on occasion, but you have to be aware of the fact that it means that you are then being disconnected from yourself. You are capable of doing and accomplishing so much! And with like any other addiction, you are just hurting yourself. Your soul wants you to take action and wants to be doing things that are healthy for you! It brings you happiness!
You came here on this planet to involve and you need a healthy body for that. In our nature we know we need to work out. You might think this doesn’t count for you, but I believe that those thinking patterns come from emotional blocks.
In this article I like to share with you how I overcame emotional blocks and how I started being more and more productive while having fun doing it (the happy mind, body and soul connection).

For me applying these principles means feeling so much more confident, I am being so much more proud of myself and I really live life to the fullest now. This is what makes me so satisfied!
When it comes to accomplishing goals, these are the rules that help me in my life!
Let’s jump right into it!

1. Let go to any attachments to the outcome.
I see so many people struggling with their weight! I understand; I have also been there and done that! I want you to know that you shouldn’t be working out just to get the six-pack, but because you really want to be healthy and take good care of your ‘one-and-only’ body.
To be able to achieve a goal, you have to accept your current situation. No matter what you look like at this point, no matter how difficult it can be to carry around extra weight; accept it NOW, start to completely love yourself (your physical body is only 1% of what you are) and say hey… I’m a damn good human being and I deserve all the goods that life can offer me! I love me and my body and that’s where I will do it for!
You see, all you have is now, so if you think about it, it’s actually strange not to accept it, because… It’s just all there is…

When I myself started realising this, I felt such a big relieve. From that point on it was like I found myself again. I accepted myself completely and started looking back for all I had already done in my life and feeling proud of myself for me just being me and never giving up… Maybe that’s also a very good and important tip; look at the things you’ve already accomplished. This is something we should remind ourselves of every day.

2. Make it a habit to meditate on a daily basis.
You will get to know yourself by meditating. You go to your heart and start to feel it beating. You can ask your own heart (they say our soul lives in our heart) for what it is that you truly want in life, how to solve any problems and really just ask for some guidance.
Taking time for yourself and being quite is so important for your health. Our soul wants to speak to us and we have to learn to listen.
When I meditate, I get really clear insights and it also gives me creative ideas. It helps me to stay true to myself. Also, everything I do I want to put all my heart and soul into it so that everything I create has this little extra kind of special to it.

3. Stop trying to be perfect before you start doing something.
Being a perfectionist can bring you very far when it comes to creating your dream body; you have to be careful about everything you eat, the way you train etcetera. When it comes to accomplishing goals, you need to put a lot of effort in…
Be patient, trust yourself and just keep on working and one day you will get your reward… Perfection doesn’t exist, because we can always do better and learn more and that’s really such an awesome thing!
So, give up on trying to be perfect and just take little steps in the right way each day! One day people will think you are perfect, but then you will feel like you can always do better and that’s what makes you keep on going!

4. Don’t think about the things people ‘might’ think of you.
People can be so critical; no matter how hard you work, how much afford you put in and how good your intentions are, some people will never see how incredibly awesome your work is! Because of all these feedback we get through the years, we can get scared and in some cases it might have even become a trauma… That’s deep… And can also be so challenging to overcome them.
It may be challenging, but it is of course not impossible. You really need to know and understand that first of all, you don’t know what the other thinks; in every mind of every person there lives an another version of you and this might vary every second of every day. Second of all, people’s opinions can change so dramatically; sometimes it even happens that one person tells you they love you and the other day they might act is if they don’t even know you exist.
So, really, stop worrying about this… It’s really not your problem… Also, a lot of the times we think that people find it really interesting what we are doing, but in a lot of cases they really couldn’t care less. They have their own life’s and are probably struggling just like every other person on this planet.
Don’t make assumptions; just focus on your goals and do what’s best for you!

5. Make very small daily, weekly and monthly goals.
You have a big dream; that’s just awesome! Now you should make an overview about what it is that you want and from there on you can make little ‘sub-goals’ that will ultimately lead you to your end-goal! This is important for you to stay motivated, because there will be tough times and during these times you really could use some uplifting reminders of what you already accomplished. For example: making photos of your evolvement every two weeks will help you so much!

Extra tip:
To accomplish goals it is a good idea to wanting to make it happen in a certain time-frame. In this way, you will work harder and you are then being capable of doing more in less time. Do not forget to always be proud of yourself and love yourself completely, so that you will not feel stressed out. Love is always the answer!

Written with so much love,

Hedy de Graas