3 Important Tips For Twin Flame Reunion

Dear beautiful soul!

What a ride, isn’t it?! A crazy spiritual rollercoaster you entered. I hope you are doing well and enjoying all the things it has brought to you. It is cool, but not an easy task! I feel you!

To have a chance for reunion, these steps might help you before the magic can take place.
Here we go!

1. Let go to the attachment of the outcome
Of course, your twin flame is so important! It’s beautiful and miraculous and you are so in love! It’s amazing and I do not want to downplay your counterpart, but, we have to learn to accept the process and being okay with whatever happens.

Do the following things if you want reunion:
• Keep your calm
• Keep on walking (just keep on doing the things you love and whatever you feel like your purpose is)
• Trust yourself
• Trust in divine timing

If you only focus on the outcome, you are not paying attention to whatever ‘is’ in the present moment. You always have things to work on with yourself; self-development is an ongoing process, so stop wasting your precious time on this beautiful earth and let’s get down to business.

We need to be whole on our own, we need to be capable of being happy on our own. To learn this is actually so beautiful. You have you and you have the Universe. If you just focus on your mission, wonderful things in your life will manifest around you. You are never alone! You are so lucky to be capable of ‘tuning in’ to the heart of your other half! And then there are all the other amazing things in this world…

For all human beings on this planet… We all need to learn to focus on what we already have and look for the good in it. Some things might seem to be bad, but bad things can change in good things. And good things can chance in bad things!
Not every day might be a good one, but there is something good in every day!

So yeah, enjoy your life sweetheart.

Success will follow!

It’s the same when you want to lose weight or when you build a business; just keep on going and you will get your results. Great things do not happen overnight…
If you feel (an inner knowing) that you and your twin flame are meant to be together, then that is the way it is and it will happen. For now, you just be you, rock your world and enjoy every second of it! God gave you all these extra superpowers; use them! Don’t forget to thank Him for it!

2. Don’t put your TF on a pedestal.
Don’t call your TF your twin flame anymore; your counterpart is just whatever he is…
All the stuff that has happened to you and your twin flame; of course you will see them as Godly! We look at them and feel they are amazing and so big. This is normal, but when you want your reunion and you do not want to be scared, make your TF psychologically ‘just another person’.
For most human beings we meet, we have no idea who they are and if we don’t know, we will never treat them like anything ‘big’.
You are as big as anyone ells and so is your counterpart. You can create and live the life of your dreams on your own and meet amazing people around the world and everywhere you go. God wants you to know and realize that YOU ARE FREE!
Be the light! You are the light! Bring it everywhere you go.

3. Be free and let your other half be free.
Both of you are free like birds! Create amazing memories, share your love and wisdom, walk around this earth like you are just some kind of cute animal, be strong, but also be innocent.
You are what you are and you came here to share and help humanity! Focus on how you can help.

I hope this has helped you out a little bit! If you like to learn more, please take a look around my amazing website a dear friend of my created for me.

Also, I am working on creating my YouTube channel. I will show everything: from how I build my business, to how I manage my health, my life etc.

Keep being amazing and never forget who you are!

I love you all! We are all one!

Written with so much love,

Hedy de Graas